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DIA Laundry Detergent Neutral Formula (1000ml Bottle)

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DIA Laundry Detergent uses EWG Green verified naturally derived plant based ingredients, contains 7 types of enzymes for powerful cleaning and is certified with the highest level of Dermatest certification for zero skin irritation. All ingredients are disclosed so you can use with confidence and peace of mind. Foaming type is suitable for hand/machine wash. Free of toxic chemicals such as paraben, chlorine, fluorescent whitening agent, artificial fragrance, and more.  Tested by KTC (Korea Testing Certification) Institute. No detergent residue with high biodegradeability at 99.1%. Great washing power with natural enzymes such as sodium bicarbonate whitens clothings, removes stains and lipase breaks down oil composition effectively. Can be used with together with DIA Fabric Bleach Powder for better whitening and stain removing effect.