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Buying on our website

Do I have to create an account to make a purchase?

What should I do if I encounter an issue during my purchase online?

What happens if I need to purchase some items but need it urgently?

What happens if I need to purchase some items but does not qualify for the min. $40 free delivery?


Mode of payments

Credit/Debit cards

Security of payment information

Notifications after purchase

Email notifications

Will I receive any receipt for my purchase?


How do we process your order & subsequently delivery of your parcels?

Who delivers your parcels?

How long takes delivery takes?

Time frame from order to delivery

Notifications when parcel has been arranged for pickup

What could have likely happened if my delivery has failed?

Personal Data Management

Personal data such as address, emails & mobile number

Why do we need them?

What do we do with your personal data?

Exchange & Refund Policy

Exchange / Return

Defective items

Wrong items

When exchange/return is not applicable


Unsatisfactory service/disputes